Monday, August 25, 2008

Random Act Monday

Each Monday, I am going to post about which Random Act of Kindness I have done that day or earlier during the week. For all that I am grateful for in this world.. all that I have recieved.. I feel it's important to give back. Not shout out in a boastful way to say look at what a great person I/you are/we are, but to say the little things matter do matter! One person can and does make a difference to lighten the load in this world. To perhaps offer inspiration to others, if we could be so blessed to do so. To pay it forward!
I found this wonderful website The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation in my search to give you a big list of ideas for Random Acts and I have been inspired beyond by it! I intend to print out some bookmarks and have them laminated. I may include some with any Etsy Orders I receive. Perhaps leave one at the doctors, dentists, bus, school, restaurant that we may have visited. :)
So, my random act that I am posting this Monday is that I put a quarter in the meter for a stranger when I saw it was about to expire.
Random acts of Kindness we can all do. So simple.. would you like to join in with me? :)

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La Alicia said...

I love RAs - when I do them, it makes me feel like Santa Claus. he he really fun!

RainbowMom said...

Me too! lol I get all giggly inside like a little girl who just snuck a cookie from the cookie jar. :) Peace!

Daisy said...

That's a great idea! Sometimes it is the little acts of kindness that mean the most.

Amanda said...

What a beautiful idea - I remember as a child visiting a swimming pool and never being allowed to use the slide as it cost extra. One day someone came up to us and gave my sister and me some tickets they had bought and not used. Even at that young age I knew I wanted to make people as happy as those people made me that day!!

Bobbie said...

Sounds like a kind thing :)

Sweet Repose said...

I popped over this morning from M.Kate to visit your blog for the first time and I will definitly be back. And as a random act of kindness I am going to post your blog on my site, as you have much kindness and caring to spred afar...and I live in a pink house.


Rosebud Collection said...

Now that is wonderful..I love it..
It is amazing how these little acts of kindness can make a person feel.Great idea..

BeadedTail said...

I certainly like to partcipate in giving random acts of kindness. I love the "feel good" feeling I get inside. RAs make the world a better place! said...

Very sweet. Although it's ironic that they are called "random" when they're actually deliberate acts of kindness, don't you think?!! Either ways, it does give warm fuzzy feelings when acting in kindness.