Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hey World!

I heard this song for the first time and wow.. beautiful. Then I was peeking around my favorite vegan geologists blog and FOUND IT AGAIN! Hey you Bobbie.. I LOVE that song too!! Imagine that. lol

And, so with you all you beautiful readers 0-10,000,000 I hope you enjoy this inspiring, sad, thinking song as well.

You don't give up on me and I won't give up on you! Well.. even if you do give up on me.. that's okay because I promise to still not give up on you. :P HA!

Spread the Love folks!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Herbology 101

I have started my Herbology course and I am in Love! Deeply, madly in love with the plant world. All I want to do is play with the plants. I don't want to go to work. I want to explore wild fields. I don't want to eat. I want to make Dandelion magic. I don't want to sleep. I want to lay in a field of Violas and smell them. I want to lean my back against a Cottonwood tree and daydream beside a babbling brook for hours and hours. So much fun!

I have to honestly say this is what my heart and soul have been looking for. A truly honest and authentic teacher who knows what she's talking about and isn't afraid to share the information. My teacher Barbara is the kind of women that gives you the space to be exactly who you are.. she has the kind of love for you and for life itself, that allows your light shine as big as it can possibly shine and when you think you must be absolutely, positively glowing! She raises you up a little bit more. She, in the most gentle and understated way, challenges you to shine a little brighter. She is the kind of person that I would like to be. She is the kind of person that is so confident in who she is, she has no worries or insecurities that cause her to judge and hold a person down. She's proud of you for being you! I think that most of us do that. We get so worried about us. Some of us get so scared that there just is not enough room in this world if everyone shines as bright as they might be. Like.. the world might spontaneously combust or something really horrible and well.. maybe your lightbulb would burn out seeing as you wouldn't need light in that house anymore.. but my point is well, it won't. The world won't blow up if we shine shine shine. Everyone's heart might suddenly bloom wide open and (we might stop having heart disease as one of the number 1 cause of ditching this world) we might all start seeing without a clouded and fearful vision. We might start to see that the light that is shining in their hearts is a reflection of the light that shines in your heart. And, when your light sees their light they reach out and join and the light expands and looks for more light to join with, all the while understanding that there is room because light needs no space as we know it. Aww, now doesn't that feel great?!

Well, this is what I've learned in my first class along with fantastic information on Violas and Dandelions and the beautiful Cottonwood tree and mm mmm good nettles! Can't wait for the next class.

Spread the Love folks!



Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We're Moving! This is the last time tho..... :D

This is our new home and the future home of my home based business I promise to follow through with.

I'm always amazing at the workings of Spirit and of the power in the Universe.
Thank you great loving and blessed Lights that Guide our way.