Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mother Goose

Duck, duck.. Goose! Was walking along in a park when we were surrounded by sweet ducks all hoping for a morsel of food.

We don't feed the ducks because it only encourages them to stay instead of follow their natural instincts to fly south. Something I wonder how much we actually effect their intuitive natures and instincts that have been built in for so long. I'm continually amazed to see just how much we do wrong with our good intentions! More likely, it's our selfish intentions.. yes. Really, honestly, I'm (see, we're) not helping the birds out by feeding them that stale bread.. I'm only bloating their tummies giving kidney failure and other things. Also, it's never nice to see them fighting over the food and possibly causing each other injury. But, I certainly enjoy being chased after.. boy do I feel loved when those little duckies waddle after me nipping at my ankles and singing their little whanwhanwhant song. *insertsarcasticnodandsmilehere* So, anyway.. we did not feed the army of duckies.. nor this beautiful Goose that snuck up behind me on the path. Honestly, I just felt she was more lonely and I wanted to bring her home with me but thought she looked like she was doing a pretty good job taking care of herself. :) However, I will go back and check on her again soon. She was all by herself.. which is rather unusual for Geese and her wing looked a little strange.. but then wings have fooled me before!

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