Friday, August 8, 2008

Fingerprint Friday

Steven Curtis Chapman sings:
I can see the fingerprints of God
When I look at you
I can see the fingerprints of God
And I know its true
You're a masterpiece
That all creation quietly applauds
And you're covered with the fingerprints of God

So I said today on this beautiful Fingerprint Friday, inspired by Pampering Beki, I said I would like to participate in this beautiful Fingerprint Friday but I don't know what to post. I haven't found a picture even tho I look outside and I look around and I see God's fingerprints everywhere, all the time! But, what do I post? And, I went outside and looked up at the brilliant colour in the sky and I'm sure with a smile, God sent me an Angel!

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Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

beautiful Love it!

PamperingBeki said...

Tammy, that gave me goosebumps!! God was just reminding you that His beauty and fingerprints are everywhere.

artsyclay said...

what an amazing photo! His angels are all around.

Happy Fingerprint Friday!

Amanda said...

Oh how beautiful :o)

Chucka Stone Designs said...

VERY cool shot!

LuLu said...

Bonjour Tammy! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your great comments! This picture is just beautiful and incredibly appropriate! Please come and visit often, I will do that to! Take care, LuLu

Bunny Chic Boutique said...

LOVE your picture for Fingerprint Friday!! It's priceless!

Hope you have a "hoppy" week ~


Rosebud Collection said...

How the heck did I miss this beautiful print..? Anyway, you did a wonderful job and the photo is beautiful...

RainbowMom said...

Thank you all so much! It was a pretty neat sight to see when I walked outside.

Rosebud... 'I' didn't do anything except point and shoot! ;) lol