Wednesday, August 27, 2008


This is Ferrierite. I call it Feri for short. Isin't this the cutest little stone ever? Well.. maybe just the cutest little stone that you've seen today at least?
It hails from Kamloops Lake, BC. It was named for Walter Frederick Ferrier (1865-1950), Canadian geologist and mining engineer.
To me.. this little guy is just reaching out begging to hug you!
I have this book that says Ferrierite emanates a joyful reality and acts to transmit joy to the person who's care it's in.
I don't normally like to read in books what metaphysical properties stones have. Don't get me wrong.. I am one that believes that Stones do often have a most helpful vibration to suit whatever state you are in. I have been zapped one to many times to not believe! I LOVE rocks and crystals and have a house full of the beautiful beggers.. by beggers.. I mean that just about every time I see one they beg to come home with me! lol
My husband shakes his head and swears we're going to need a whole other moving truck just for them when we move. Think what you like, that's perfectly okay with me.. but, you cannot deny the pure wonder and beauty in the stones that grow under our feet. :)
But back to the book, this one I had a giggle because it's exactly spot on to me. This is such a joyful little stone.. only less then an inch high but a giant in his desire to cheer you up!
That's all for me.
Spread the Love!
Peace. Tammy's out!


BeadedTail said...

Very interesting looking stone and less than an inche high? Amazing.

Rocki said...

What an amazing rock and love it's properties.

Thanks for your awesome comment! Your blog is a place that I will be visiting frequently so I'm adding you to my blog and heading over to your shop :)


Rosebud Collection said...

What a beautiful stone..I have never seen one before..I like stones too..