Saturday, August 2, 2008

Baby Robin

Looking out my window, I saw the neighbors adorable puppy Lucy bouncing around, barking and pawing at something in the grass. Hmm.. another snake? A mouse? A rock most likely!
Upon closer inspection I see a wee beautiful baby Robin! Mom was doing her best to distract and dive bomb the puppy but nothing was working. I hopped over the fence and raced to this little birdie..(see me in wonderwomen gear here!). While Lucy was bouncing up on me.. (I got to big muddy paw prints smack on both melons), I'm reaching for the very determined baby bird that has an attitude of 'I can take care of myself thank you very much' as they bounce away straight into a ditch full of water! I scooped up the baby bird with it's mouth wide open in a threatening hiss .. or looking for food .. hop back over the fence firmly telling Lucy to stay put now, good girl Lucy, while Mama bird is still within feet chirping like crazy to her baby. Baby chirps back.. I put baby in our Rhodo tree.. my daughter runs to find worms from the garden. Did I tell you that by now it's pouring rain and we are soaked? My son ran inside to get the camera, just to find the batteries are dead. I managed to get a picture with my cell phone at least. Later that day, I watched Mom feed this sweet baby of hers and thankfully the determined little cutey was fine all night. We're keeping a close watch and I'll keep you updated. Robins are truly remarkable birds. Watching the Mom's bravery and courage and love for her baby is pretty special. Every time I look outside I see her sitting within eyesight. The moment her baby peeps once, Mom is there with a mouth full of food. Often it looks like blueberries and worms. Contrary to popular opinion Robin's won't ignore their young when they smell human touch on them. They know their young by sight and by sound! Other interesting facts on Robins you ask? Okay.. :D

1. The robin is one of the birds that starts the dawn chorus and one of the last to stop singing at night.

2. The robin egg is about the size of a quarter.

3. Once the eggs are laid, it takes 11 to 14 days to hatch

4. Robins live 6 to 14 years.

5. The Robin is my daughter's favorite bird.

6. The American Robin is called “Merle d’ Amerique” in French and “Mirlo Primavera” in Spanish.

7. This Robin was depicted in the 1986 $2 note of Canada.

8. Only about 25% Robins survive their first year.

9. Earthworms are a favorite food of American robins. Other soft-bodied invertebrates they eat include caterpillars, beetles and grasshoppers.

10. Fruits and berries account for 60 percent of robins’ diet.

I'd take more pictures but will all the excitement I accidentally left my camera out all night. Yes.. it was raining. Right now it's resting in a bed of rice. I heard once that if you don't touch it or rub it or anything and just put it in a bed of rice, the rice will soak up all the water and all will be good as new. Crossing my fingers!

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Rosebud Collection said...

What a happy story and love all the facts..Robins are such a happy bird and I really enjoy their song..Hope the rice trick works..especially since you did such a nice thing..

Jennifer said...

Hope the bird will be okay. I save them from my cats from time to time.
Gorgeous work too!

RainbowMom said...

So far the little bird is doing well. Mom is close by.

Rosebud, thank you! It seems the rice worked and my camera is doing well with no harm done! :D Yay.

Peace to you both! said...

Sending good camera drying thoughts your your writing...I am adding you to my inspirations list...much love, kerry at snickerdoodles, thanks for the link to me as well.

Amanda said...

Wow so glad that the baby robin is alright and that yu were there to help save him/her. Thanks for posting and sharing all that info too. I am keeping my fingers crossed for your camera as I cannot imagine not being able to see pictures on here :o)

Art By MAR said...

What a great person you are to help the baby bird. I'm glad the baby will be okay.

HINT Jewelry Design said...

Wow this is a really neat list! I will have to do a post of my spring robin charm on my blog and link to this article you wrote. Cool! Thanks for visiting my blog :)