Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hearts on Noses

Winnie plays the piano.
For treats of course!
She knows her own self worth!
Why don't we?

We have this adorable little pig sanctuary on the outskirts of town called Hearts On Noses. The lovely owner and operator Janice takes in pigs that have been abused, abandoned, neglected and surrendered. A beautiful busy women with a heart as big as Canada! These piggies (LOVE) her! When she comes to their pens their little tails wag as quick as can be. All lined up just to hear her call their name and she does talk to each and every one of these sweet piggies.. calling each by name and complimenting them on something she sees within their dirty scrunched up faces. Their little eyes you can barely see on some of the little potbellied piggies.. like a chubby baby wrinkling their face up in a bigger then life smile.. their little eyes all squinty before a little snort of delight escapes their heart. She started the Hearts on Noses Sanctuary in 2002 when she moved into her new home and discovered little Willie abandoned and wandering alone.

I went with my children yesterday and had a wonderful time. I shed a couple of tears for these sweet animals and trust me.. they are beyond sweet! They all have such unique personality! Like Comet! An adorable pink pig (as my daughter called him.. the pink pig) that makes baby sounds on my leg! I offered him a marshmallow if he would make baby sounds on my leg and squealed with excitement and surprise when it tickled so much. Janice made it look like nothing! lol Comet bounced away, slightly startled.. glanced at his ever watchful Mom and then came in for a nose to nose touch with me.. that I missed by a hair! Next time! lol I should also mention that for a moment looking into Comet's eyes.. I could swear I was looking into a human's eyes.

And, huge Rose who seemed to clearly understand my little son's nervousness at the great beast of a piggie sniffing around him for food. Her big rowdy boyfriend was out earlier and as we were standing near Rose's pen, he came snorting around for some food and my son had alot of fear towards him.. no doubt I would too if I was that little.. but Rose knew it and she sticks up for the little guys.. taught good manners this girl. She went over for a little snort at her big boyfriend and off he trotted. I happen to know in my heart, she was telling him to buzz off you big brute.. the little ones are scared of his confident self. She came out later on and somehow my son wasn't nearly as frightened of her gentle ways.

Then Pepper.. for Peppermint Paddy but I keep thinking Penny.. like PennyLane.. and the song keeps coming into my head for this girl as well.
"Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes.
There beneath the blue suburban skies I sit,
and meanwhile back."

Pepper has a tumor growing and at this point hopefully starting to shrink upon her tummy. It hangs quite low and she's quite sweet. I poke my head inside her sleeping room and introduce myself. I tell her that I would like to offer her some good energy for her tummy to help it feel better. Pepper stands up wagging her tail and turns sideways for me, opening her heart and offering herself to my help. Again.. I know this piggie named Pepper knew what I was saying and could sense what I was doing. I fell in love with Pepper and her warm and gentle heart. May you be showered in Health and Wellness and many blessings Sweet Pepper!

This is Winnie. She's the kind of pig the doesn't need to be mauled and pet and goo-gagaed over and will give you the feeling that sais.. hey.. I'm busy here! But, her and my daughter seemed to hit it off really well. Maybe Winnie just prefers the company of children?

Janice gets no government funding and rely's soley on the help of volunteers. She's a gift and a blessing in their world and our world to have someone like her in it. Her heart is bigger then anyone's I have ever come across without a word of exaggeration! All her pigs get wonderful medical care when they need it and most of all positive energy and lots of love.

Some great pig movies!
"'Some pig!' muttered Lurvy in a low voice.
'Some pig!' whispered Mr. Zuckerman.
They stared and stared for a long time at Wilbur.
Then they stared at Charlotte."
-E.B. White
Charlotte's Web
"Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind.
'Pooh!' he whispered.
'Yes, Piglet?'
'Nothing,' said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw. '
I just wanted to be sure of you.'"
-A.A. Milne
Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
"This is a tale about an unprejudiced heart, and how it changed our valley forever. There was a time not so long ago when pigs were afforded no respect, except by other pigs; they lived their whole lives in a cruel and sunless world. In those days pigs believed that the sooner they grew large and fat, the sooner they'd be taken into Pig Paradise, a place so wonderful that no pig had ever thought to come back."
The movie Babe (1995)
By the way Hearts On Noses has an easy and convient way to donate through paypal on their site here Hearts On Noses.
Spread the Love folks! Thanks for stopping by.


BeadedTail said...

Thank you for sharing your experience with Hearts On Noses! I've never been close to a pig but now I want to go visit them all!

Amanda said...

How wonderful - people and places like this just make my heart swell with love and inspiration! And can I just say - Piglet was *always* my favourite character in Winnie the Pooh - my friend and I had a huge debate about this in Russia - she thought Piglet was annoying and cowardly whereas I thought he was very brave for a little piglet and had a heart of gold - just like all pigs :o)

Daisy said...

That sounds like a wonderful place to visit. Babe is one of my favorite movies!

Drowsey Monkey said...

Great post! I just had a look at her website, sounds like a great idea.

Love the photos too :)

Casbah Kitten said...

I'm so glad I found your shop on Etsy, and your blog! I love pigs too! They're so smart and affectionate! We used to have a farm and I'd take pigs over cows ANY day!!

Ashley said...

How cute are those pictures?!?

Migoto_Chou said...

That sounds like an absolutely wonderful place! I've never gotten go feed a pig before, but I think it would be just delightful! Charlotte's Web is one of my favorite movies; I drive my poor husband crazy with it! lol

Bobbie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. It's great to read yours as well :) I heard once that pigs can't look up at the sky. Do you know if that's true?

Thanks for sharing and look forward to reading more!

Kristen Andrews said...

oh those pigs are too cute! How cool that they are rescued. We have a rescued greyhound who spent several years racing. I have a soft spot for animal!

Scarlett the Heavenly Healer said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog.
And what a pleasure to visit yours and discover....... pigs - one of my favourite animals!
I'll pass by again and link to your blog from mine.
Have a great week.

Christopher And Tia said...

I would love to go there!! That looks like a lot of fun.

A Blond And A Torch said...

Wow! What a wonderful post and fantastic pictures. I wish I could take my son there!

Victoria said...


Rosebud Collection said...

Oh, I just love all the pictures and your blog..How great..You know it use to be told, pigs were dumb..Just goes to show..there is no such thing as a dumb animal..and this really proves it..Will remind you to shadow shot at the end of the week, just in case you forget..

Hey Harriet said...

Oh what a wonderful post & blog in general! I love piggies too! Such adorable pics :)

The Fitness Diva said...

I keep forgetting how smart pigs are!
Beautiful pic on your blog header, by the way! Very fitting!

Sandra Ree said...

Pigs are extremely intelligent! My mom had one growing up and she said that her pig was smarter than a dog and better mannered than a dog! lol She also said you could teach them tricks with no problem at all. And that contrary to popular belief, they're one of the cleanest animals around!

Great post, RainbowMom!


How wonderful your site is and I love knowing about this pig sanctuary! I love pigs and know they are smart and loving (that is why I don't eat them). This warms my heart and made my day!


How wonderful your site is and I love knowing about this pig sanctuary! I love pigs and know they are smart and loving (that is why I don't eat them). This warms my heart and made my day!

silentlotus said...

Tammy, I love your article! I love that someone has a mission to love all of the piggies who need it. :)

Can we add it to the team blog? :D

Secura1 said...

I'm still figuring all of this out, left a comment on my own page and Mom told me I'm supposed to go to yours. Sorry. Love your blog, your photo's are great...Wow! I love the daisy photo especially. The pigs are magnificent, can't wait until the morning when my kids are up so I can show them, Thanks again for visitin my humble blog, so appreciate it.

Secura (Lin)

RainbowMom said...

Thank you so much everyone for sharing your love of Hearts on Noses. :)

bobbie - I'm not sure if that's true or not.. I know these little piggies look up at you when your talking to them tho. :)

silentlotus - That would be fantastic. :) Thank you for offering.