Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Higher Perspective

In thinking about this a little more I realize, it's a call into something deeper. A challenge offered to me almost it feels like to soar higher and in a balanced and lightly detached way see the bigger picture. It's not just about the snails. It's not just about releasing them (tho it sounds like a great idea). It's about looking higher and seeing how every little action, every tiny step we take effects the whole. Like the butterfly effect... we may think that what we are doing is for the greater good but if we step back and look even higher and deeper and detached a moment from our own personal opinions on it, slowly walk all around the situation to see it from all angles... if we look more carefully we see that even with our greatest intentions we still can make big mistakes. And it's okay! We are human. But, it's about feeling More, and how we need to have more. It's about taking less and giving more back. Humbly saying Thank you. I have enough. Thank you. I am enough. Thank you. We are full. And, now it's time to start sharing our bounty.

In getting this fish tank to begin with was about my own personal gain. I wanted pretty fish to look at. It's not good enough that I live with many lakes around me and a huge vast ocean only a 20min drive away. I wanted them in my home as well... Innocent enough. I have contributed greatly to many things in doing so. I don't even know all of them at this point. First was an impulsive buy in getting this adorable iridescent shark fishy. My intentions where good in that I thought about how happy my husband would be to have a cute little shark in the tank. And, he was the only one left and I thought he looked lonely in the corner. It turns out my tank is to small for the little now but big later guy. In purchasing him, I have encouraged the unfair breeding and treatment of these fishes. In purchasing the tank, I have possibly supported child labour. At least I bought it from a small local business! I'm not feeling guilty at all or placing blame or judgement anywhere.. again, we human.. I'm just waking up and seeing things in the big picture more clearly. I'm learning and listening.

I also understand that the easy way through this could be to just release them into the wild. But, we have caused more pain and destruction to the earth and the living organisms on the Earth by releasing things that are not natural to the habit into our local waterways. In my desire to do the right thing and save these snails, in the larger picture I may be causing one million times more damage.

Here is a u-tube video on what happens when we do this sort of thing. It's hard to watch for me. (am I allowed to post a link?)

If you look up the type of fish these are..
they are Grass Carp originally from China and introduced to the US for weed control. Well, they are fast breeders and now they are out of control and this is what people are allowed to do to control them. It breaks my heart.

Alright. It's time to step off my soapbox... but wait! This IS my soapbox. It's my own lil blog. Yay!

Thank you for taking the time to think about this with me. I'm grateful to these little snails for helping me to think higher and more carefully.

Peace and Love.

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