Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gingerbread Houses and Crazy Creative Authors

Hello terrific Tuesday!

My son brought home the most amazing smelling gingerbread house since gingerbread houses have entered the traditions in our home! Oh sweet chocolate and caramel. Yes, a Delicious graham cracker house doused in a sweet vanilla icing and dabbled with candy cane pieces, hard strawberry candies and chocolates! Then he topped it all over with caramel!!! Honestly, if someone knows anyone who sells good quality incense that smell like chocolate and caramel please please I beg you to tell me as soon as possible!
And, another fabulous gift in my day was my chance meeting with Canadian author Gordon Kirkland at a fabulous little bookstore called Heron's Books! What a blessing in this day to have met him and his brother-in-law who is a self proclaimed worlds biggest KISS fan and soon to be author of a cookbook!
On the day after I get my daughters report card with more 2's then I can to see, I am able to let go of my fears and concerns for her future and trust without a doubt in my heart that I need to continue doing what I'm doing and keep letting my daughter spread her beautiful wings. He reminded me without even having to say it, that not everyone fits into the boxes that society sets out for us and the greatest entertainers in this world were not always the ones that sat quietly, nodded nicely and always minded their p's and q's. The greatest entertainers in this world shook things up... they make us think twice before we blink because we are told to blink.
Okay, back to Gordon Kirkland, if you need a good belly laugh and your heart or mind eased I highly recommend one of his many terrific books. Some of his titles include Justice is Blind: And Her Dog Just Peed In My Cornflakes, Never Stand Behind A Loaded Horse and my personal favorite When My Mind Wanders It Brings Back Souvenirs.
Gordon Kirkland: "When Pavlov rang his bell, his dog would drool. Whenever anyone rang our bell, Nipper, the late, great dumbest dog to ever get lost on a single flight of stairs would pee. Same concept. Different end of the dog. " My tummy actually hurts from laughing so hard!
He is putting on a writers workshop at Heron's Book Store in January. I am hoping to attend and maybe something will open so that I'm able to if it's for the highest good. :)
It's funny how life works, when you stay alert and open the universe will invariably, take care of you. Always, the perfect person, opportunity, book, song, whisper, inspiration will happen at the right moment. You have to keep your ears, eyes and heart open to recognize it when it comes but it comes... guaranteed the guidance will come. Trust and all will be okay. Trust and let go and life will take you exactly where you are supposed to be in order to reach your highest potential in this life. It's rather exciting when you think about it! The opportunities to learn and grow and expand are endless!
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