Monday, December 17, 2007

Good Morning Monday! I woke up this morning feeling light and relaxed. There is some excitement in the air! It is a good day. I can see that the giant artist in the sky has painted us yet another masterpiece.. a forever changing work of art. Today, the children and I will spin around outside with our heads turned upward and the Spirits of the Wind whirling through our Hearts, until we all fall down laughing! Blessed we are to be alive in this fabulous world. I am truly blessed and very grateful for everything in my life.

Last night I finished the scarf that I'm knitting for my daughter. She asked me if I would please please knit her a rainbow scarf for her. I'm not much of a knitter at this point... I can do dishcloths, a simple scarf, and only recently learned to knit a touque! A good start. :) I know she'll be pretty happy about it. :)

I am also half way through making her a matching hat with little tassels on it. It's pretty cute! My 5 yr old son caught me making it for her and said that he really really wanted one as well so I'll start on his next. :)

I'm looking forward to learning how to make slippers over the holidays. My Mom is law is a fantastic crocheter and knitter and makes the best ever checkerboard slippers! I'm looking forward to spending some time snuggled down with her learning how to knit the famous slippers.

That's it for know folks! Spread the Love. Thanks for stopping in. :) Tammy


Anonymous said...

Great scarf! I love the idea of the artist in the sky; she does great works here too!

Jamie Ferraioli said...

I love that scarf. The colors are awesome!