Monday, September 15, 2008

Sicks kids

Good day all. Monday morning and my little ones woke up coughing and sneezing and sniffling and wiping their runny eyes.

Mommy sais.. "Now if you stay home today you both know that it is a day of watching cartoons and staying in bed. No playing now. You must stay tucked in your warm blankets and snug with your pillows and bears and pick your favorite movies. After lunch with no complaints it is nap time. No playing to be had at home when you are sick.. only laying down and resting is allowed."

I wanted it to sound like a stern, firm no arguments day it sucks to be home from school no play kind of day but instead I think it sounds rather lovely myself! lol

So snuggled up in their favorite chairs they are with a tissue box and bag to put the used tissue in.

I set up some boiling tea tree scented water to add some moisture to the air in the kitchen and my wonderful nebulizer with lavender and tea tree oils in the living room. The sun is shining and I'm going to work sterilizing the house.. with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has the most wonderful anti-bacterial properties and you can use it to clean your kitchen counters to applying it directly on a cut! See Tea Tree Oil and More Tea Tree Oil info.

Also, this fabulous women over at Snickerdoodles has an awesome contest on right now that I wanted to share with you all. I'm really hoping that anyone not interested in this contest might leave a comment on her blog saying that they found her through me and that actually gives me an extra chance to win! What's the prize? Check this out. I want to win this for my husband so bad! He's just graduated the Advanced Life Support Paramedic course!!!!!! I'm crazy proud of him. He's been working for 2 years to get this completed and he deserves something very special. We've been 'very' broke these last 2 years also because I stay at home with our children and while I've taken in a couple of daycare children to watch it still didn't make much of a dent! He's always puts me being at home with the children as the number 1 priority and I'm so grateful for a man like him! He dedicates his life to helping others. A true hero in my heart as he has chosen this work. He chose it! And, I know that I wouldn't be able to do the work that he does. So, I'm hoping to win this fantastic prize over at Snickerdoodles so that he can enjoy a much deserved award!! So, again.. if this is something that you don't see yourself getting to Kelowna, British Columbia Canada to enjoy.. please leave a comment mentioning you found her on my site Rainbows and Sunshine and then I get an extra entry. :) :) Plus, in all honesty.. she has a really fun blog!

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Since I've completed this post.. my son is now playing 'quietly Mommy am I allowed?' with his baby trucks and my daughter is 'nicely Mommy can I please' colouring. I'm such a pushover! Doh.


Christopher And Tia said...

Man, what I would give for a sick day, haha.

And congratulations to your husband!!!

Lynda said...

Sorry to hear your kids are sick - my daughter also has a bad cold at the moment so I know how you feel ;) You must be very proud of your husband, that is a wonderful achievement.

M.Kate said...

Hi Tammy, I know how it feels with the sick children. I remembered when my 2 daughters were smaller, they were constantly sick and being born apart at 11 months..there were a lot of sick babies and toddlers in our house. So I hope they'll get well soon. So nice to hear about your husband..I am sure he's a great guy..i wish to stay at home too. I put in a comment for you, so good luck to you :D have a great weekend!!

Caroline said...

Just found your blog...great stuff! I think I want to get sick and stay in bed watching cartoons (but only if it's the Simpsons!!!)

BeadedTail said...

I hope your kids are feeling better! Congratulations to your husband!

Off to check out Snickerdoodles...

Rosebud Collection said...

Hope the children are better today..Congratulations to your is a great achievement and something to be proud of.

Walk in the Woods said...

It sounds like fine day of sweet healing to me!