Thursday, September 4, 2008

School's In! Oooooh.

School has started again! I can't believe it already. Last week we a tough week for me. I hate seeing them go. I would homeschool in a heartbeat if it weren't for my strong husband reminding me that everything is going to be great! I'm so lucky to have such a strong man in my life. He truly keeps me good and grounded.. still, I might have tried harder to convince him if he wasn't reminding me of all the dazzling alone time we are going to have again! Yippee!

So, my childrens teachers this year are wonderful. The classrooms are full of fresh and exciting energy.

My daughters teacher I know from when my son had her and she is outstanding! My favorite thing about her is the way she sees each child as a bud waiting to blossom. She's a gentle voice, a gentle heart and the ability to still have control of the classroom without exerting her frustrations on the children.

I'm also very excited because she's open to an aromatherapy spray that I'm going to be creating today for the room. A little blend to help keep all these excited children calm, grounded and relaxed. It's also helpful with gently increasing the vibrations in the room and help to keep out the negative energy and keep the positive flowing like a gentle river.. I feel it promotes peace, harmony and an optimal learning atmosphere.

My son has his best friend in his class and is already acting like a bit of the class clown. I'm not sure he'll be at the same table as his best friend for long! lol I was worrying so much about him because he has dyspraxia. But, he's extremely smart and has more common sense then most children his age. He gets everything that's going on around him and I have to be quite careful with my own thoughts sometimes as he picks it up and then feels a need to protect Mommy with showers of hugs and kisses. So, my worries over his ability to communicate with others and how his new teacher is going to be with him.. he has proven already to me that it's a waste of my time.

His speech is getting better and better everyday.. when he was 3.5 or 4.. his speech pathologist actually had the nerve to tell me in so many words that he was hopeless with his speech. She did actually tell me that he would never be able to hold a normal conversation with anyone. She's certainly not up with higher brain mentalities and the power of heart and soul I tell you! I can also tell you I gave her a good tongue lashing.. don't mess with my children! ;)

When we saw the pediatric neurologist, she told us that by age 10 there will be no problems at all and we won't even notice. With my son's heart and courage and strength of will.. we are noticing improvements with his speech on a weekly basis! The same went for his viral asthma.. nooo the asthma specialist said.. give him steroids twice a day for 8 months of the year and maybe by puberty he will outgrow it. I asked him about aromatherapy and alternative treatments and that man laughed at me. Can you believe it?! I smiled politely.. gave him the steroids for a little bit while I went deep into uncovering the root of his problem and alternative methods. Between help from an awesome Shamanic Elder, Reiki, Crystal Grids, Prayers and a nebulizer full of appropriate aromatherapy I'm so pleased to say the next winter without the steroids, he had one flare up from viral asthma instead of having them every month for a couple of weeks! aha! And, I expect this year will be even better. I might not have gone this route however, if my husband wasn't a paramedic and we kept a very close eye on things with him. I completely believe in western medicine as well and am very thankful to live in Canada where all the medical you can ask for is at your fingertips but I also had to trust my intuition that there is/was another option here.

Okay, that's all for me right now.. taking some deep breaths and finally just beginning to relax again.

Spread the Love folks!


Sandra Ree said...

My daughter has been school for a month now! When she was in elementary school I hated having to let her go...but now that she's 12 going on 16 it's nice to have the quiet time. :)

Sweet Repose said...

You have made the best choices in going natural for your son's asthma. If I would have known about this when my daughter was young, she wouldn't be addicted to asthma drugs now. She knows what is right and it is her choice to do what she feels is right for her...Mom stay out.

My Grandson also struggled with speech problems and thanks to a wonderful 2nd grade teacher and changing schools, he quickly grew out of it.

Intuition is invaluable to me and it sounds like you have a wonderful support group(hubby). It is rediculous here in the states what the pharmaceutical/medical/insurance industry has done to us. I don't take meds or visit the clinic...with no insurance, it's a death warrent to get hooked into the system. I believe in herbs and the power of the mind. If my life is cut short through sudden dis-ease, then it was meant to be it.

Have a wonderful evening and peace to you friend...

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog to visit. I enjoy reading blogs about nature and all things natural.

What a unique idea (for me anyway) aroma therapy for the class room. I am learning so much from other bloggers.

RainbowMom said...

Sandra ree - I'm sure at that point I'll be over my pouting at the beginning of the year as well. lol Hopefully.

Sweet Repose - Thanks for the encouraging words. My son had a very kind teacher who was always patient and gave him the support and time to say what he needed to say. I agree that nature has so much to offer us if we just listen and do our research. I'm thinking of finding a good naturalpath one day when we can afford it.. in the meantime.. I'll keep doing my research and keep with the balancing act. I hope your daughter finds her way with the asthma as well.

Marnie - I noticed the energy was off in the room when I first walked in. I mentioned to my husband and he begged me to not go walking through the school with a burning sage bundle so me and my intuition came up with the aromotherapy blend to use instead. lol

Thanks for all your comments. Peace!

Rosebud Collection said...

Wonderful blog and wonderful mother..
I won't kid you, I have fought doctors about medicines and treatment for my mother/husband...Always telling my children, "you know your body, don't let anyone tell you different"..My uncle's words..he was a wonderful doctor..As far as the comment about your son from that woman, whatever she was..she doesn't deserve a title, she should be kicked out of her practice..There is always hope, no matter how bad things seem and she should have known that and didn't you prove her wrong..but I guess you let her know..Good for you..
Happy all is going so well..

RainbowMom said...

Thanks Rosebud. I let that women have it I can tell you. And, in the middle of her workplace. Oh, I wasn't a crazy women.. but I was a women assertive enough to get my point across. The next time we saw her she apologized. I hated taking my son there but it was only a couple of more sessions anyway. I agree with you and your uncle also. :)