Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Dalai Lama says...

"The practice of compassion and caring for others immediately brings us inner strength and inner peace. Of course, compassion may also benefit others indirectly, but what is certain is the benefit that we ourselves experience. It is quite clear, therefore, that if we are really concerned about our own future and the happiness of our own life, we should develop a mental attitude in which the practice of compassion plays a central role. I sometimes jokingly tell people that if we want to be truly selfish, then we should be wisely selfish rather then foolishly selfish."

"This is the reality. Think about these points and experiment with them. Eventually you will develop greater awareness of what I'm talking about."

(Excerpt from Illuminating the Path to Enlightenment by the Dalai Lama)

I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE! And, here is where I go on with my thoughts, so feel free to stop now. ;)

Most of us have been raised in a kill or be killed world. But now most of us know that isin't the way. And, by nature we humans can often be selfish. Sometimes, we don't want to do something because perhaps we wonder what's in it for me? Well, that's what in it for you when you become a more selfless and compassionate person. You become yourself, more at peace.

Now, if peace isin't something that you are looking for within yourself, then you must figure out why you are addicted to drama. Why are you punishing yourself? What have you done that's so bad in this world that you don't deserve peace within? What have you done that so bad that others don't deserve your compassion and love? I suspect.. nothing.

For one day allow yourself to practice compassion for others. Okay.. if you want to stay mad at yourself fine. But just try.. even for 1 hour and then the next hour, whatever situation comes up for you today.. practice compassion. They cut you off in traffic.. wow.. they must really be in a hurry "I send you blessings so that you may be in a state of peace and trust that all is in perfect timing". They serve you the wrong food for the 2nd or 3rd time... things must really be quite stressful and disorganized in the kitchen "I send you blessings for you to know that all is in perfect timing and perfect order" The line is loooooong and you're running late. I know it's not the cashier or lack of them but that I didn't give myself enough time today. Lesson learned!

Remember, that when you commit to becoming a more compassionate or caring person.. when you say.. okay.. I'm going to give this a good shot.. you may be given more opportunity to practice things. It may not be a perfect day where everything goes your way because what good would that do to help teach? These ones that seem to challenge you and really piss you off my be the angels that are sent to help you learn.

It's not that being compassionate is weak. Your not weak it you don't rant about your food or if you don't finger the person in front of you or if you don't express your displeasure at the situation. Your weak when you so quickly cave into your anger.. your mind.. your ego.. your judgements..

Your judgements of others are only self judgment. They are parts of yourself that you can not accept.. that you dislike.. that cause you discomfort. There is no part of ourselves that is bad or good. We just are. We learn.. we grow.. we make mistakes and we learn some more. It doesn't mean you give yourself permission to keep making those same mistakes.. you make them.. you learn from them.. you let them go and move forward. We just are who we are and that's okay. We are all mirrors to each other. We're in this together and it's so much more fun when you are at Peace with yourself. Life is a blast with all the challenges and without! Lets join together and make things more comfortable for ourselves and others!

Anyway, just wanted to get that off my chest!

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Roses and Lilacs said...

For some reason, I didn't expect the Dalai Lama to write in such a chatty style. This is the first quotes from him I've ever read.

dogwood said...

I just bounced over here from the etsy forums and I'm glad I did! That was a great post and I hope lots of people read it!!! Thanks for that!

Sweet Repose said...

It is such a simple thing to do, this thing called compassion, but we humans need to practice it every day, as this complicated world gets more crazy with each passing moment.

I find that now that I'm home working, I thought I would have the time to sit, read and contemplate...but I am more busy now, then I was before. But it's a choice that needs to be taken, if only 5 minutes...thanks for reminding me...time to go to the bookshelves and get back to my teachers.

Thanks for the sweet comment...I love this post and the teachings of Dalai Lama.

Namaste Tammy,

BeadedTail said...

What a fantastic post! As I get older I'm realizing more and more the importance of compassion and it's something I work on - especially when dealing with my boss! Each day I become more at peace and am enjoying life and finding more joy in life.

Sandra Ree said...

Beautiful post!

I believe you should always practice compassion...even if you don't see the pain that someone else is going through... that doesn't mean it's not there.

Mercer's Daughter said...

I totally agree. We pray for peace, yet neglect our inner peace. We pray that war ends, but we are at war with our neighbors, our children, the policeman directing traffic?
Like St. Francis said, "Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace."
Yes! Let's lay down our anger and pick up some compassion, it's a lighter way to travel.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for the reminder to stop and question our thoughts.

Chucka Stone Designs said...

You are so inspiring to read, this is brilliantly written and something everyone should read because it is so very true! I always hope that the people in my life who are addicted to drama (a phrase I have used for a while now & happy to see you have used too!) find the courage inside themselves to just let it go. Great reminders, thanks for this :)
~ Jenn ~

HINT Jewelry Design said...

Lovely way to start my day! I just did the loving kindness meditation this morning before checking in to your site. Simpatico, sister!

Also, I appreciate you listing me as one of your favorites :)

Peace out!

blackfeatherfarm said...

A thoughtful post and a good reminder of what is really important. Good job !

Laura said...

Hey! Thank you so much for entering my giveaway! :)

Rocki said...

This is such a beautiful post to read first thing in the morning.

I am a lay Buddhist and practice compassion & peaceful living daily. My life has changed over time, I can handle stressful situations much better than before and I am MUCH happier with my life.

I'm not saying you have to be a Buddhist to reap these benefits, as you do not. But if you simply live your life in a compassionate way, you will begin to experience a wonderful change in and around you. It's not an easy path by any means, but nothing in life is. If we want something, we must work for it.

Thank you for your compassionate heart and obvious love of life. You touched my heart string - I'll step down now ;)

Happiness to you!

Kaleidoscope Korner said...

i just love how peaceful your blog is and i love coming here to relax during the day...thank you so much!!

Rosebud Collection said...

The one thing I always say, people are missing all the joy when they only think about their needs..The joy in this life is helping others in need..and that doesn't mean you have to have money to do it..Sometimes you get stung, but it was their loss, not yours..

katy said...

just beautiful!
my sister and i were just discussing today how easy it is to lose sight of the world around you when you live in the city. you're taught a rushed pace lifestyle and to not look anyone in the eye...to just avoid strangers. it is easy to forget to be kind and to slow down and look at your world.
i've been contemplating on this all afternoon, so it was so nice to read this beautiful post at the end of the day!

RainbowMom said...

Thank you everyone for all your great comments. :) You all make such wonderful points and all of your blogs are so inspiring. Thank you. Peace and Blessings to all! :)