Monday, March 10, 2008

Who Knew Knots Could Look So Pretty?

I bought this fun new Chakra necklace from Tangled Macrame and it is so much fun to wear! Whenever I do I receive tons of compliments on it! :) It brings out my hippie side in full force and I LOVE it! She also cheerfully custom made it for me in just my size! Now that's a groovin' chick. ;)

I also bought this totally fun and funky anklet! I'm wearing it every chance I get. With every step I am jingling a song out for the world to hear! lol Everyone needs a little music in their life don't they? :) I'm bugging her to make my daughter one as well so that we can have matching tinkling anklets and act like Goddess and Goddessette Earth Dancers.. laughing songs while twirling barefoot around the yard! Yay! lol

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DivaDea said...

I love the chakra necklace. Will be checking out her shop for sure!