Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cave Pearls

This is a Cave Pearl.

Beautiful and Rare just like you! Oh come on.. you know it's true! :)

Cave pearls are formed in caves much the same way a real pearl is formed within an oyster. Water loses carbon dioxide as it drips from the ceiling in the cave, turns to Calcite as it splashes into a puddle and very slowly over time calcite forms over small bits of rocks or sand and voila, you have cave pearls. Whew! I hope I got that right.. feel free to correct me if I didn't! lol

And, I just have to say that anyone who doesn't believe in the powerful healing of the Spirits in the Crystal kingdom only needs to hold one of these breathtaking Cave Pearls in their hands. The Purest Love.. the Love of the Divine Mother expresses itself within these Spirits.

Thank you to Dancing Dragonfly for listening for and sending this Spirit along to our home.

I suspect those who have a difficult time tuning into the beautiful energy of Crystals would be hard pressed not to feel something with the Cave Pearl Spirits.

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Cicada Studio said...

OK, I want one of these!!
I've never heard of this...

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