Monday, March 10, 2008

New Inspiration

I had been thinking about several people who have been worrying about their pets lately and how much people adore and love their animals. Us too!! This is Toe Matar and Roxy Daisy ----------->

I was looking around a beading store and found these adorable little spiral cages.. thought.. now what am I going to use these for? But, learning from experience I trusted the urge to scoop them up and went along my way to my next happy little crystal store. Wandering around there I saw the tiniest little Tibetan Crystals, and tiny Ammy pieces and pretty Peridots and click click click aww.. Charming little pet charms. So, I've added these adorable little Stones to their comfy and secure little cages.. a little tinkle here and a wiggle there and voila! :)

I'm happy to custom make one as well for your pets! Some pets have different needs then others. :)
Well, that's all! Thanks for stopping by.
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