Saturday, October 4, 2008

I won a prize! :)

I'm so excited that I won an amazing prize from Kerry over at Snickerdoodles (I love that name!) I won a $100 gift certificate to Fig Kids!!!!! Fig kids is an amazing store with organic clothes. I can't wait to do some shopping and get my little ones into these wonderfully ethical clothing! Really, go have a peek at Snickerdoodles.. she has a really fun blog with lots of good stuff to look at and stay tuned for her really awesome contests as well! Also, check out Fig Kids.. it's worth a look. Ethical and organic clothing to put your most precious treasures in. The babydoll dress for girls and the boys muscle shirt are a couple of my favorites! They also have a clothing line for adults! Yay! Thank you FigKids for your generosity and thank you Kerry for such a terrific blog!

This is also Day 3 with the beautiful little feral foster kittens we are caring for. They are becoming more and more curious about us and definitely more used to us as I move their cage to whatever room I'm in. I am really excited about the progress they are making. We can reach in now and pet them and while they hiss.. they don't not swat or attempt to bite. They cry whenever we leave the room and are quiet again when we show we haven't gone far. They are very good little kittens as they use the litter box regularly and are eating and drinking well. Our Roxy girl has a good upclose sniff at them today. They were very excited to see her. She let off one good hiss and with her ears back stalked away again. lol Through word of mouth alone we may have already found 2 wonderful loving families! With a desire to have only an indoor kitty as a part of their family, Katie's Place will surely be happy to hear that. So far so good little kittens! Good work.

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