Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 11

More fun with the little not so feral kittens now. We've been having alot of fun with them. They don't hiss.. don't spit.. don't claw and 2 don't run when we gather them up after they've been playing outside the cage.

They absoletly melt your heart in the quickest of ways. When you walk into the room they cry and mew and mew and cry staring at you.. begging you to please please let them play. Their little paws are at the top of the cage and they stuff their tiny faces against the bars. Oh my. So, needless to say they are spending more and more time outside the cage but when we are not around keeping a close eye on them then they are back in the bunny run for their own saftely still.

Schooner is still a little shy.. she's just shy period. A very gentle lady little Schooner is. Clipper loves to play on the side of the tub while you shower or bath! I guess being born in a boat she still has some seapaws. :) I feel her name should be Lady as a matter of fact. She's quiet and shy and she would much rather snuggle and lick them wrestle and grapple. As a matter of fact, my daughter watched an entire 1.5 hr movie while snuggling this pretty little lady. Clipper tries to play rough and she rarely fights back.. just cries out and Clipper walks off with her head and tail up high, feeling like the Queen, and looking for her next victum.

However firey Clipper is, she also has a very soft side she showed me today. She prefers the company of people at this time then the company of Roxy. Often when Roxy calls the other two off for a snuggle on the couch, Clipper will continue to play by herself. Today with a little mew she came up to my lap and snuggled in. Before long her little motor was in high gear and she had a lovely little cat nap with what looked to be a content smile. She's stolen my heart completely I'm afraid. With her playful rambunctiousness to her peaceful snuggles.. she's stolen my heart. :)

Rogue has made very good friends with Roxy. He follows her around often and she'll call to them and they all run to be by her side. She's a great babysitter as she's become quite concerned with their whereabouts at all times.

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BeadedTail said...

They are just so cute I can hardly stand it! I'm glad they are coming along so well!

lupe said...

Sweet kittens!
looks like they are feeling at home.

Roses and Lilacs said...

What a great portrait of your daughter and Schooner. It kind of sounds like Clipper wants to be the alpha cat. Maybe that's why her and Roxy aren't friends.

You are obviously doing a wonderful job with them. Your kids must be quite good with cats too.

Rosebud Collection said...

What happy pictures..The children and the kittens..Love it.