Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 2

Day 2:

This is day 2 with our adorable little feral kittens that were born in the bottom of a boat. I have to say.. the first thing I was shocked about is just how messy kittens can beI am astounded with the progress made already in such a short amount of time. Little Tug (he's the pure black one with a tiny bow tie on his chest) is the only one still attempting to scare us off with a couple of hisses. Last night we had them down in the living room with us while we watched TV and chatted. They were all out and about curious and excited but ever so careful as their Mommy taught them well. They are particularly drawn to our female Roxy and whenever she walks by they paw at the side of the run mewing as loud as their vocal cords and muster. She walks by.. gives a little hiss and seems totally disgusted. I have a feeling that they are already starting to win her over however because she seems to enjoy the fact that everytime she looks at her they come to full attention and call out.

Where did she go Clipper? Huh? Do you know Schooner?? Is she coming back?? Can I see too?

I felt it appropriate this morning to remove the lid off of the kennel within the bunny run. They are being more and more social and I don't want to give them a space to keep their fears of people enclosed. This also gives them a little more space. They seem quite comfortable with the new arrangement at this point. I have also added a Rose Quartz and Silver Sheen Obsidian in their space. The kittens are so wrapped up with fear of people that these Spirits are amazing teachers for them to move out of that fear and into love. (And, while not all humans are safe I didn't share that with them because I know the humans that they end up with will be safe) I believe these stone elders are teaching them that Love is a good thing and for them allow themselves to be safe in the arms of love. ;)

I was easily able to spoon feed them some baby food. They love chicken as I was told by Tracey at Katie's Place and she wasn't kidding! When I first put my hand in there holding the spoon our little tuffy Tug gave an Oscar worthy hiss and a good swat at the spoon. The next second however he realized that I have some pretty serious good stuff on that spoon and was blowing bubbles in it. Very happy kittens, very much enjoy being spoon fed.

Oh save some for me Clipper! Clipper.. wait don't eat it all..

Oh yeah.. I'm so getting in on this now.. No more Mr. Niceguy!

The highlight of the morning was that I was able to stroke Clippers tail without him worrying I might chew it off. This was wonderful considering they haven't been in our care for 24 hrs yet. :)

I feel confident that these little kittens will come around in no time at all. :) It's lunch time now and they already mew the moment one of us leaves the room. We are sure to call out to them and say hello and that they are just fine indeed. :)

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BeadedTail said...

Oh, they are so cute! It sounds like they are beginning to trust you and that just makes my heart so happy!

Amanda said...

Wow you are so wonderful to take these little darlings (so beautiful) in and love them and teach them that love is a wonderful thing. The fact they are already making progress is testament to the amount of love and understanding you must be showering upon them. How lucky for them to have found you, with your crystals and patience! I cannot wait to hear more about them.

Daisy said...

Those little bebbehs are so adorable! It sounds like they are doing great.

snickerdoodle said...

Very sweet little ones! Did your big kitty come back? I am still in denial about our Libby whose been gone for months now...I do need to deal with that at some point. Did you do your Fig shop yet?


RainbowMom said...

Beadedtail - They are so sweet! I'm so happy to be able to help.. I already have 2 really wonderful indoor only families asking to maybe adopt them just from word of mouth! They may never see inside Katie's place. *grin*

Amanda - Thank you. I'm really enjoying these sweet little kittens and you know they are great teachers for me about how to let go and let love as they have surrendered so much already, you know.

Daisy - Thank you! I bet you would be good friends with these sweet kittens and have much to teach them about how much fun humans can be! :)

Snickerdoodle - Our Toe Matar has not come back yet. :( We are still hoping for his return but he is such a free spirit I'm not sure he wants to be kept up inside. I trust that he is still okay and that leaving was his inner wild kitty wanting to be free. I haven't done my Fig shopping yet but I am excited. I'm going to make a post about it as soon as I order my goodies. I'm so lucky I won and you have such AMAZING contests on your blog. :)

earth and sun folk said...

super cute little kitty cats :)

mlh said...

Awww! They are adorable! I can never get enough at looking at kittens!

Sweet Repose said...

Hey girl, thanks for stopping by again and just to note, I sit with a box of kleenex at my right hand as I write. Simple beauty, to my eyes, is worth the tears of joy...and I do it often, always have.

You have a beautiful soul and to care for the Mothers creatures like you do, is a gift from the Goddess and our will to nurture life, you bring a tear to my eye too.

Thank you kind lady.