Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Beautiful Mandala

A remarkable Goddess that I am honoured to know, showed off her very first Mandala. I became so inspired by her sweet childlike enthusiasm and excitement I had to take a perfect opportunity to work with the children visiting and hanging around the house. Nothing more exciting then a messy project on a rainy cool day.

So out comes the paints and markers and glitter oh my! We sketched out our designs and I danced with my little Tibetan singing bowl around each of them. I LOVE how perfectly peaceful children are with this sort of thing.. instinctively closing their eyes for a moment and allowing the vibration to soften their auras and ease their concerns over what was right about the project and what was wrong! There are NO MISTAKES is the only rule I was sure to remind them. You must NOT doubt the song in your heart!

So over the course of a couple of days, these are the master Mandalas co-created by 6, 7, 8 and 9 year old children, with and in their open hearts. There were Hearts, Stars of Davids, Spiders, Starbursts and Psychic Eyes. Suns and Pyramids and Twinkling Planets. I think they are all truly beautiful and they are all very proud of their work. One mentioned it was exactly what was seen when they closed their eyes.. another said it turned out more beautiful then they even thought it could! One didn't even really want to start it to begin with but ended up asking to be included after all and they themselves enjoying it immensely! And, one of the children said she wasn't really sure what she was doing but is really pleased with how it turned out! One of the little girls, who comes to play almost daily, smiled at me knowingly and said.. "I 'knew' this was a magical house. Even before I knew who lived in it.. I knew I was going to come and meet them." (You can guess how this just melted my heart to a puddle on the floor). Children are so intuitive and open. They are so filled with excitement and Joy. The know secrets about life that we adults tend to forget. And to take a moment and put everything aside and just sit and listen and play with them.. we learn so much and we remember so much.
I can't wait for what's next! :D
Spread the Love folks.


kim* said...

Your children are outstanding artists already :)

lila said...

Love those mandalas! Thanks for coming by my blog!
I'm cleaning cupbaords today too!

Carol B. said...

Tammy, thank you for visiting my site and offering a prayer concerning the earthquake we had here in L.A. It can get pretty scary, so I appreciate your kindness. I admire the beautiful work you are doing with children. I know the caring you have shared with them will be a precious memory that will stay with them always.
Carol B.

Rosebud Collection said...

I think that is wonderful..You know they always say, when a child prays for you, it is the purest..