Saturday, July 26, 2008

Smudge Bundles

Good Beautiful Day all. :)

Do you ever find that you have days where in all of your being and with all of your might.. you have every intension on getting down and dirty, knee deep and wonderfully grungy going through cupboards and closets and purging to your hearts content..... when all of a sudden inspiration hits the moment you find an old lost something or another and suddenly somehow you are immersed in several hours of creative bliss?

This somehow happens to me on a regular basis. Often, the same thing happens to my children when it happens to me and I tend to think the Universe (or maybe God or other beautiful names to you) is smiling down on us as we get our priorities straight.

This is what happened in my bedroom the other day. Old sell phones found their way into our childrens hands and they snaped and recorded inside and out until their hearts content and I found some lovely Sage that I had gathered and dried over the last several years.

I don't have pictures that my children took tho I can assure you they were all lovely!

But, here are a couple of bundles that I managed to create.
Each came together with a specific purpose and gift. The first that I co-created was with a beautiful Tabby Quartz Crystal from Mt. Ida Arkansas (some of my all time very favorite crystals come from this location.. they feel so incredibly deeply connected to the Angelic Realm I am always feeling the presence of Angels around me when I work with these incredible Spirits) The Sage, Lavender and the Cedar were all gathered with much respect and love by myself. The thread used is Red for our deep connection to the Earth and our acceptance of her Love and Healing. Black for Protection honouring our sacred spaces and White for the connection to our Ancestors, Angels and surrounding everything with the Blessed White Light.
The second bundle came together with a volunteer Zimbabwean Kyanite. Amoung other things, from what I understand, Zimbabwean Kyanite offers us the chance to dance with the mysteries of the Prayer Feather. These crystals offer us the opportunity to send our prayers to the heavens.. on the wings of Angels. A very beautiful stone if any of you ever have the chance to work with these Spirits I highly recommend it! This bundle also came together with a beautiful White Feather that blessed my path at some point and Lavender, Sage and Cedar. Wound together with Light Lavender thread, reminding us of our constant Loving connection to Spirit, Green for the beautiful Healing energy of the Heart and White.
I really enjoyed putting these together and look forward to doing more. Many ideas dancing around in my heart now! :D
So, that's about it. :)
Spread the Love folks.


Anonymous said...

The photos are amazing...

Art By MAR said...

Beautiful photos! I find that happens to me a lot too. I have been trying to go room by room to clean out, organize and just plain CLEAN. I have only done 3 rooms! I feel it is not going anywhere but sometimes my creativity goes poof to I'll create when motivated!

BeadedTail said...

Such lovely bundles and wonderful meanings!

Thanks for visiting my blog and I certainly enjoyed reading yours!

Rosebud Collection said...

Beautiful bundles and beautiful meanings.. said...

Those are so lovely...I must admit your blog soothes my soul. It brings me to a place I want to learn more about. We have a shop here called The Oracle and I could spend hours there with my boys admiring crystals, reading and soaking all the good energy in. I also want to take them to the Festival of Awareness one day, I went years ago in Naramata and have longed to go back since. Have you been? I will enter you in the contest I have running too...

Amanda said...

That happens to me ALL the time - I think the only time I ever manage to finish a tidying/cleaning job without being caught by old memories is when I'm at work - and then it's usually the babies who distract me lol

The bundles are beautiful - thanks for sharing them with us and explaining their meanings and significances!

Mercer's Daughter said...

Love those bundles and the way you described them. Thanks for popping by my blog:)....also, I love the music on your blog, I had this tune in my head yesterday and when I heard it on your blog this morning I was surprised, pleasantly!