Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Beautiful Day

We went on vacation for a few days over Father's Day. We accomplished alot in a short amount of time! I thought that this heart shaped cloud was a sign of the fun times again. :)

A beautiful thing happened over the weekend while on vacation. I was visiting an amazing Lavender Farm with a very dear friend who I am so happy to have spent time with.

This is my dear friend in her element. (Notice no digital camera here.. nope.. you know those die hard artist types.. yep.. ;D --->

While calling/chasing/teaching/playing with our little ones around the lavender passed a lovely group of women relaxing in the sun at the farm. Just enjoying the moment and sites and smells.. and their own company. A lovely smile from them all, a light joke and a wave and on we go not thinking anymore of it.
While packing our little ones in all set to head off for our picnic, I noticed a beautiful bright colourful belt on one of the ladies heading to her car and mentioned that I liked their belt. She promptly came to the other side of our vehicle.. called my name (we can't quite figure out how she knew it).. and took off her belt and offered it to me! I was a little stunned! And, more then a little humbled and grateful! She was sure she wanted me to have it and said her name was Cecelia and she is from Mexico as the belt is as well. I quickly felt the call to gift her back with something of meaning myself and offered her an anklet I had made. I noticed that she was as touched as I and it was quite a special moment to share linked in this way with a complete stranger from another part of the world so different from our own little space in life. An odd feeling that I have trouble describing. A reminder of how we are all connected. As different as we all are, we are also all deeply connected. We are all one experiencing this life together. Sharing, caring, loving.
This belt and this beautiful ladies kindness and generosity is something that I will forever hold dear to me. It's not just a belt.. it's a symbol of the light and the good in this world.
It's a symbol of Inner Peace. World Peace. Unity. Love.
I came home feeling refreshed, recharged, optimistic and with a deep knowing that there are wonderful and truly caring people in this world. I deep knowing this is world is a lovely place to be a part of. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be here. To live and to learn and to laugh together. You might say.. my Root Chakra got a tune up. ;)
Spread the Love folks!

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h said...

beautiful photos and words lady. Thanks :)