Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our friendly Deer

We have a friendly deer that has been coming for a visit over the last 2 years! When we first saw her, she still had her fading baby spots on her. She stops by and sniffs around, peeks in our windows and studies the deck. She nibbles on the blueberries in the back and seems to really enjoy the raspberries leaves. Last year Toe Matar and her met each other for the first time and this morning both of our kitties were out for a sniff in the yard when she stopped in for another visit. At this point she has become so comfortable with us that I am able to get quite close with the camera. There are days when my husband and I are in stitches laughing so hard as she gets pretty happy and will bound full speed through our yard, to our neighbors yard, back to the forest and around the circle again.. she will sometimes do this for a good half hour at a time!
These pictures were taken with only a tiny bit of zoom at times and other times no zoom at all. She's quite special to us and we're pretty grateful we are able to share our space with hers.

Please, can't we play??

This is another beautiful Tiger Moth that my daughter found. :) She was quite excited as it was the second one she found yesterday and said this one.. who is named "Martha" the moth told her.. this one is her first ever real insect friend.


ABreathOfFrenchAir said...

Amazing pictures! I didn't know you could get that close to deer!

mary jane said...

i love that moth~
mary jane

Distressing Delilah said...

No way! That is awesome..the pics are so precious!

LittleSun said...

adding your link thanx for stopping by