Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Mom!

I must confess that I am not the worlds most picky house cleaner. I love a clean house but I tend to be a little lax in this department. I'm not really sure what it is but I know I could do better.
I grew up in a home where everything was always spotless! As a mom myself, I'm not sure I know even now how she did it. There were some mornings that I would wake for school and the smell of fresh oven baked bread would greet me and my tummy would rumble for the taste of melted peanut butter on my warm white bread. At the same time, the bathroom would be scrubbed fresh and clean and the dishes were nowhere to be seen. My Mom was also the kind of person that thought a dishwasher was a waste of time.
My Mom loved to clean! There were days that I would be coming home from school and I would hear the music from 4 houses down blasting Proud Mary or ABBA or Pink Floyd from the stereo and I would sit and tell her all about my day with who said what to who and just what I thought about the darned situation! She would cook dinner as I talked and I would often wash up the pots and pans while she pulled the roast and Yorkshire pudding out of the oven right on time for Dad to come home and mention how great the house looked and how awesome it was to come home to a warm dinner. There was one day I remember when he came home and that day Mom had 'only' cooked hotdogs. Probably had a migraine that day but even those didn't stop her completely! When my Mom cooked hotdogs however she didn't miss a beat. The table was chalk full of a smorgasbord of every fixin you could ask for! My Dad must have had a bad day at work because I remember him grumbling about it.. LOL I also remember thinking what on earth was he grumbling about because my eyes were as bigs as saucers thinking just how amazing my Mom was! Now I know he was just plain spoiled rotten! lol
My Mom's way of bonding with me is waking me up at 7am on a Saturday morning to clean. Blasting music and bucket and cloth and away we went.. walls, baseboards, molding.. underneath the taps must not be forgotten because those little elves that sneak in at night to p a r t y can see under there you know! lol Okay.. away she went while I just made faces and whined about what a tough life I had. lol
I'm crazy about my Mom. She is my inspiration and one of the greatest teachers I could ever have in this life. I'm sure she's an Angel. I'm sure of it. If any of you have read Doreen Virtues Earth Angel book... you have my Mom described to a tea. She'll skip right over this part too if she reads this blog because I'll be getting too 'deep' for her. ;) lol But, if she does she'll miss me saying I Love You Mom.
See more of my beautiful Mom if you like! :D
This is all for now.
Spread the Love folks.


Rosebud Collection said...

What a beautiful blog and since I am a mother, was even more beautiful..Just letting your mom know how loved she is..wonderful..
I am clean and house looks good..not as clean as your mom.

Hey Harriet said...

That's such a beautiful post! Your mother sounds like a beautiful & wonderful person :)

I'm not so diligent in the house cleaning department. I need to make more of an effort! Me messy :D

gypsy-heart said...

Lucky you...but you already know that. Lucky her for having you..I'm sure she knows that too. :)

It was so touching thank you for sharing it with us!