Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Theadore at 5 weeks

More Puppies!! Can't get enough of these adorable little boys and girls.

So my Mom went for a visit and it seems her puppy picked her! They say it's the only way to choose an animal is to let the animal choose you. Lets hope they end up together forever! The cute little puppy's name is Theadore with the Blue coloured collar ran to my Mom right away. A sure sign of love at first sight! Gentle and snuggly.. the perfect companion for my Mom and Rick who are by the way amazing with dogs! I grew up teasing her and actually thinking for a spell that my Mom loved our dogs more then she loved me! LOL Now, being an adult and all, I know this isn't true! ;D But, having two busy little children of my own I can understand how some days she may have actually preferred the dogs company! ;)

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