Thursday, April 24, 2008

Does Your Heart Beat to the Rhythum of Love?

Drums Drumming Drummers everywhere!

It seems I've been captivated by the sound of the drum these days! I love the sound of the rhythmic beat, pulsating straight to the core of your being. It seems to make all my little aches and pains away! I don't yet have my own drum. I have a couple of pretty small little drums and my daughter was gifted a lovely little drum from a friend but I have yet to have my own. I have a little feeling inside that I am not to buy or make my first drum and that it will be given as a gift in just the right moment. Hmm. :) But, drums have been coming slow and rhythmic *hehe can't resist* this past week and it's been lovely!
First, I had a beautiful Northern Flicker Woodpecker who needed some quick attention come into my care. I only knew to quickly get this colourful bird nursed back to health by the wonderful people at Melanie's Wildlife Center. Starting May 1 I will be donated 10% of my profits to them! Woodpeckers of course are natures most natural drummers, their strong knocking on the trees to free their yummy morsels and make lovely cozy homes to lay their eggs.
Second, I ordered a drum CD from that I am so very excited to hear. It's has excellent reviews and I know I'm going to love it!
And third, I was guided to create this lovely treasury full of truly talented artists!
They say things come in three.. I wonder what's next? Hm. :) Maybe I just think to much? lol
Has nature been drumming it's way into your life in some way lately?
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