Monday, January 21, 2008

Spare the rod, Spoil the child?

This morning, my daughter woke up smiling and cheerful as normal. She got dressed and ate a big yummy breakfast. She bounced in her seat on the way to school reminding me how she was going to show her loved teacher that she lost her 3rd tooth and that her Daddy pulled it out and that her tooth has big roots which means she is very healthy. She was also excited for her teacher to see that she got 10/10 on her last spelling test since she wasn't there to mark it on Friday.

She walked into the classroom, saw that her teacher wasn't there again this morning and with big eyes welling up with fast tears she told me with horror.. "Mrs. B isn't here again!" Mommy can you stay please with her big deer eyes pleading with me. At this point my own tears were threatening to leak from the crack in my heart. I felt as disappointed as she did! I gave her a huge hug and got her busy on her way writing her new spelling words down. She held onto my finger, determined that I was just going to stay the day with her. I couldn't. I took my son to his kinder class and walked back past her room to peek at her and still the big well of tears in her eyes.

My little girl is far from a drama queen. She is sweet and open and outspoken. If she doesn't like something, you'll know it. If she does, you'll know that too. If her friends all love the same thing and she doesn't... that's okay with her. She doesn't pretend or lie. She is wholeheartedly herself! I am so proud of her for it. Her Spirit charms me every single day.
So, I'm going to bring her home early with me today when I pick up my son. Some of you I'm sure are jumping up and down going.. on no. Don't do that. She needs to know she can't have everything the way she wants it. You'll spoil her. You'll do this and that and it's all wrong!
But know what? I don't believe that you can spoil a child with Love. So what if she doesn't want to be in class with a sub teacher. I've had a few very beautiful conversations with a close friend about showing Love in all situations to our children (and to each other). As long as I'm showing my children good morals, good values and virtues then I am going to spoil them until pigs grow butterfly wings! Aha!
It's as FireChickTick at sais:
Food Spoils,
Human Beings Do Not.
It's good to be a Mom.
Spread the Love

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