Saturday, April 25, 2009

Self Potrait of my Goddess Self

Goddess Leonie inspired me deeply to create my own self portrait. However, the first to put the idea in my mind was the beautiful Deborah at Temenos of the Blessing Light. I'm not much of an artist at any rate I would say. Bad bad girl creating those terrible energetic thoughts. Would it even cross my mind to suggest to my most talented daughter that she is not much of an artist? I think not. I'm actually honestly proud of this little drawing. Simple as it may be it does capture my heart in this chosen moment in time. Even the heart shaped tear for my heart breaks when I think of some of the things that human beings are capable of. I choose not to hide who I am. I choose to love and to be love in every situation the presents itself. In this moment.

In this moment right now, what does your self portrait look like?
Spread the Love!
Peace Goddess Tammy

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