Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter Blessings!

Ahh.. the snow is so quiet.. falling gracefully down.. making sweet piles of bright fluffy crystals everywhere. I love the winters here. This year is it crisp, cold and we have lots and lots of snow everywhere. This is the first Christmas since 1971 that we have had snow all across Canada, including the very beautiful Victoria! This is also the first year since I can remember that I've really, truly enjoyed winter. For the first time in 5 years I have been shoveling the driveway with pure delight and windburn on my cheeks.. knowing that I'm doing it for a reason as it's not going to melt on it's own in a couple of days. I'm finding that inspiration is tickling up through my toes.. my legs... offering whispers of butterfly's in my tummy and my heart is reawakening from a long snooze. My throat is singing and my crown is smiling. All is well. Cheerful faces smiling at every turn.. even the couple in the huge black truck that cut off 3 people running a red light was smiling! Luckily so were the Angels that had everyone stay put on that slippery ice.

I was most inspired by this beautiful poem that a dear friend sent in a Christmas Card. The poem goes as so..
Notice each windowpane has a different
Swirling pattern of frost etched on the glass.
And notice how slowly the sun melts
The glaze. It is indelible: a fossil of a fern,
Or a coelacanth, or a derelict who
Rummages in his pockets and pulls out a few
Apple cores. Notice the peculiar
Angle of light in the slow shift of sunrise.
Where is the whir of the helicopter?
The search for escaped convicts in the city?
Be amazed at the shine and the wet.
Simply to live is a joy.
~Arthur Sze
You know who you are! I thank you beautiful lady. To this poem I was inspired to look yet again at the beautiful frost on our windows and was able to capture a couple of photos for who knows when I'll see the frost like that again.. if ever! :D
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Sandra Ree said...

Beautiful poem. :)

Wishing you and your family a very Merry, Merry Christmas.

Roses and Lilacs said...

You photo is so beautiful. I'm glad you are enjoying the snow. It was a lovely Christmas here too.

Jenn said...

That was lovely, fantastic photo as well! Looks just like trees all covered in ice but without all the dangerous falling branches which makes it beautiful! Hope your holiday season is going wonderfully :)