Saturday, May 3, 2008

Can you say WOW! Toby Christensen

I may never have the chance to meet this man but wouldn't being a part of this drum circle be positively dreamy? It's like magic in the way your Soul and Spirit lift! Just listening to this I felt my Soul Star shine and my heart explode with Joy. Great and powerful medicine here. Who said Soul work has to be tough? It's a reminder to me that working through our kinks, rough patches and blockages isn't always painful or a long and drawn out process! By bringing in the Light and Love and in trusting that when we finally say YES! the power of Spirit will blast through any blocks with Grace and Exuberance.. I believe, yesyesyes. :)

I did order his latest Djembe Heart Meditation CD, tho I haven't received it yet.. it came on a great recommendation from someone I trust very much. And, if the above is any indication.. WOW! You can find it here if you are curious!

So, the cutest thing just happened as I was writing this. I was listening to the utube video and my little ones (5 and 7 yrs) were running around playing with 'pet shop' with their stuffy's. The utube video stopped playing and my son ran in from his bedroom and said... 'Awww.. the music stopped!' lol This from a 5 year old! Very good indeed!

For a month now, I have been getting the message to play music after school. For a half hour I need to put on some good music and we DANCE! afterschool to help ground and release any clingy energy that may have stored itself on our bodies. So, starting today.. I'm finally going to implement this. For a half hour a day.. at least! We are going to kick things up with some fun music.. maybe some soft music.. maybe something we have never ever heard before.. maybe some good ol KISS! But, we are going to DANCE! and celebrate life and each other everyday. To prove it.. (not that I need ;)) I'll try to remember to post the music that we boogied to that day. :)

Alrighty now. Enough for me today. I have to go get some things done that don't involve the computer for a bit! lol

Spread the Love folks!



Beat Black said...

aw yes, music is a powerful thing at any age. it can empower, emotionally crumble or heal a person.

I don't know what I'd do without it :)

Mercer's Daughter said...

The video was so cool! I always wondered what a drum circle was! lololo!!!
I loved it.
Thanks for sharing good ideas too:)

Anonymous said...

I used to be part of a drum circle before it folded - drumming is really powerful stuff. I love 'The Obvious Child' by Paul Simon because of the drums. Have fun dancing around your house and finding great music!

She Who Flies said...

Ah the healing power of dance and music!!! Dance away and have fun :-)