Sunday, November 8, 2009

Walks, puppies and mushrooms

Well fall has officially embraced us here. Perfect weather to be harvesting some delicious Burdock Root and Dandy Roots, Rosehips and Sunshine.. oh my! Yes, soak up every minute of the gentle rays of sun during these shorter days and step outside to embrace the brighter, closer moons. Watch your out breath dance with each exhale and let down your hair for the wind whip around, cleansing you and energizing you!.

We went for a walk today. Our first walk with puppy off leash. We were a little nervous and truly prepared for a little excitement if we had to be, but she thrilled us! What a good puppy, coming when called.. staying close and keeping the kids in check when they ran to fast! lol

Along this walk we spotted the biggest mushroom we've ever seen. I was grateful for my phone camera as I forgot our digital and caught a couple of not so great quality photos of it. I have put out some feelers as to what type of mushroom this is and eagerly anticipate the answer. Do you know?? If you do, you may win a prize! :) (What that will be is not yet known.) oO

It's quite large and my daughter feels pretty certain that there are many fairies living in it.  I happen to agree.  It's an inspiring colour, this picture not doing it justice.  A velvet like creamy caramel.

Well, that's all for me for now.  I wish you all great blessings on these fabulous fall days!

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