Wednesday, September 23, 2009


A really amazing video.  Get comfy, a glass of beautiful pure water and watch. :)

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Okay.. stop.. now remember to breathe!

So, I'm starting another little 6 week course. Talk about an amazing summer with my herbology program which I (hopefully) graduate in October! And, I'm hoping to continue on with the Wild Women Intensive starting in May again.
But, now this is a pranayama breathing program that will gracefully take me into the depths of fall. I'm really looking forward to it.. like butterfly's in my tummy forward to it but as it stands right now, I can't afford it. It's not that it's a crazy expensive course.. well worth every penny but sometimes in our lives, every penny counts. However, I have trust that Spirit will look out for this situation for me and for the beautiful shining Light Soul offering the course. As long as it's paid by the end it will be okay she said. I really feel this is something vital for my being right now. I hold my breath much to often. I've been more and more conscious of my breath these last few months and have been feeling a strong pull to work with this person on it. If I'm being so pulled in a direction then there must be a reason for it. Fortunately, I'm meeting these wonderful Soul inspired, come from the heart with love and integrity and trust people.. that are not all about money. Really some of the most powerful and amazing teachers that have come to be in my life yet! So, with the opening of our own home to offer people an opportunity for a place to come and be still and safe.. I plan on operating it in the same way. People say.. well.. what about those that can afford but still don't pay.. I say.. it's none of my business.. that's their will to deal with.. not mine. Obviously, if that's the case.. they need Love more then anyone else!
So, thank you Universe for bringing such amazing teachers into my life and it's my promise to you, that I will carry that energy and work from integrity and trust and love myself.

Monday, September 14, 2009


For just a moment I pop in and say hello! Life has started to slow down again.. with the tied and true signs of fall whispering hints of change and strength and inner silence I gracefully bow to the flow of life and trust in the movements of Mother Nature.

So, off I go with my camera, and my trusty new Border Collie/Lab puppy for a cool morning walk around the neighbourhood to explore the rustic grasses and pathways around us.

How is everything in YOUR lives?

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